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Hangzhou Sungate Chemical

Sungate EU BV, established in 2017, is a professional lubricant additives supplier, is mainly working as an Europe importer, a European local distributor of lubricant additives from all over the world. We offer better local service to our customers, partners and friends. You are warmly welcome to become our good partners!

We are a chemical company specialized in lubricant additives, working as a professional global supplier and importer of lubricant additives, such as additives used in automotive engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, metal working fluid as well as other industrial oil and grease.


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Sungate EU BV 
Add: Koningin Julianaplein 10,1, 2595AA 's-The Hague, the Netherlands.
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Email:cdecheng@hotmail.com        Website: www.lubricants-additive.com

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